Saturday, November 05, 2011

For English Teachers, Former English Teachers, and Other Lovers of the Language

I am becoming increasingly convinced that Facebook is irrevocably corrupting English grammar and syntax.  The games, in particular, seem to have difficulty with plurals, gender agreement, and common spellings.  The use of “their” as an all-purpose pronoun to avoid gender reference and ignore number is particularly irritating.  All of these are problems with the programs and the site itself—I will not even mention all of the grievous injury inflicted by users.

This afternoon, however, my technical writer daughter liked a group which I consider worth posting.  (Notice how techy I am to have used “liked” in such a with-it fashion.)  The group is devoted to the celebration and preservation of the Oxford comma.  There are a couple of interesting articles.  If you don’t know what an Oxford comma is, one is lurking in the title of this post.  Here’s the link if you wish to read the articles or merely to lend your support to such an important matter.  If you do not like Oxford commas, you will simply have to abstain or start your own group because Facebook does not yet offer a dislike button.

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