Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wow, Mom!

I came across this item in some family “junk” that we were cleaning out this week.

A No. 132 Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, in its original case.  This item is a keeper, not because I play it, but because of the story.

My grandmother passed away when I was in college, right before I was leaving for a summer abroad, so when her home was cleaned out, I was 6000 miles away.  A few boxes were put in storage in some other property.  Several years later, that property sold, and as a young adult, I came home to help my parents clean out the storage.  In a chest, we found this harmonica.  At the time, my mother was, I suppose, in her late sixties.  She grabbed the instrument with delight and began playing.  I won’t say that she was the most talented harmonica player I had ever heard, but she was the best I had ever heard in person.  The most amazing thing, though, is that I had never ever heard her play or heard her mention that she had played. 

Just a reminder that we never quite know another person as well as we think we do!

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