Friday, November 04, 2011

A Movie Review

Actually a DVD review, but not really because I watched it by electronic download indexinstead of on the DVD, but I couldn’t watch it that way until the DVD came out, so . . . .

I really liked the novel Water for Elephants, both for the main story and for the portrayal of a side of the Great Depression that is seldom written about.  I was hesitant to see the film because I was afraid I would be disappointed.  Also, I just don’t get to an actual theater very often because the distance adds a substantial amount to the ticket price.  I save my theater trips for those films that really need a BIG screen.  For other video experiences, I make use of an HD flat screen and my living room.  It’s better for knitting and watching anyway.

It turns out that I was quite pleased with this film.  The acting was great.  The cinematography managed to give me the feeling that I was there, but at the same time something about the lighting and focus reminded me of the past.  I thought the film did justice to the main story and to the storyline about the Great Depression.  Of course, in a genre-to-genre conversion of this type, detail is always left out.  The one theme that was noticeably slighted was the old-age aspect.  I missed the ongoing battle between the protagonist and the other old man in the nursing home.  However, the film was a lovely way to spend a couple of wintry hours and well worth the rental fee.  If you haven’t read the book, please do, but watch the film also.

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