Thursday, November 10, 2011

No Picture, but Lots of Knitting

I used to harp on the overuse of the word “lot” as a lazy replacement for a more precise word describing a large amount of something, but since my current project is quite literally large, rather square, flat, and covered in furrows of garter stitch, “lot” seems appropriately descriptive.  I have managed rather more than I thought I would this week because I have been spending much of the time waiting for a plumber/handyman person who was supposed to be here on Tuesday afternoon.  That was contingent upon his mother’s being released from day surgery on time.  Since I have been in the position of having an elderly patient in day surgery before, I really did not hold out much hope for Tuesday, but I did beg off my lunchtime Bible Study just in case.  I was right. 

Wednesday was a no show also.  So was today.  I was definitely afraid not to be here in case he did come, so I just kept knitting.  At least the time has been productive. It is my understanding that he will be here tomorrow if she was released from the hospital today.  We’ll see.  I will just keep knitting.

A couple of years ago, David Reidy mentioned the Brother Cadfael mysteries as good knitting.  I really can’t remember if he was talking about the audio books or the television series.  I have already exhausted the audio books that I have access to—both of them.  However, Netflix has recently made the television series Cadfael , starring Derek Jacobi, available.  The three I’ve watched so far have been a treat, and they are great to concentrate on while knitting mindless rows of garter stitch.  If you like medieval or mysteries or good acting, have a go at these.

I will also admit to taking knitting breaks with Hanging and Angry Birds. 

Note:  I am so glad that both David and Brenda Dayne are back with podcasts.  I don’t listen to many podcasters, but I really enjoy theirs, and not just for the knitting content.  In case you are not familiar with them, David is from Australia and Brenda lives in Wales.  The different cultural backgrounds add to the charm of their programs.

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Deb said...

Thanks for the mention of the Cadfael series. I loved them! I will put them in my Netflix queue, although I'm still working my way through Midsomer Murders!