Monday, November 21, 2011

A Hat Project


Pictured above is a bed full of the 337 hats donated to Hats for Sailors.  (The button for the Ravelry group is in the sidebar.)  These hats are part of an ongoing project to supply hats for U.S. Navy personnel to wear in their off-duty hours aboard ship.  This batch is going to the U.S.S. Ingraham, and there are enough excess hats to send to a smaller ship. 

I needed to order something from Knit Picks this morning, so I ordered yarn for the next round of hats.  Navy requirements are that the yarn be 100% wool (fire regs) and washable.  I have no local sources for superwash, so I ordered some Swish.  This past go-round, I knit only one hat—gray, front row, third from right—(I know it looks small, but it is very squashy and stretchy.)  This time, I am going for four.  I have some other patterns chosen in addition to my favorite Jacques Cousteau, and I’ll be knitting three different blues and a dark red, some DK, some worsted.  You can check the blog or the Ravelry group for more information and for patterns and yarn sources.  If you have some washable wool in your stash, or if you can buy some, this is a quick project to give a warm hug to some of our military.

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Deborah said...

You will enjoy knitting with the Swish. It's very soft. It's good of you to contribute to such a good cause.