Friday, November 18, 2011

Cultural Experiences and a Knitting Start

Today is Friday, my usual hamburger-at-the-drive-in day, a real celebration in retirement, particularly when I have been marathon knitting and waiting for the plumber.  We, however, did something small town exciting.  We went to the new Thai/Chinese restaurant.  It is tiny—10 tables—and located in a former office building tucked in behind a gas station across the side street to the grocery store, but it is there, and it is neither a hamburger place or a Mexican restaurant.  (We have had 2 of the former and 3 of the latter, and that’s been it for quite awhile.  If you don’t count the pizza/gas station/convenience store/coffee shop.)  I had very acceptable chicken fried rice, and we visited with some people we hadn’t seen in awhile.

I also had a package in the mail. 


These are the lucets I plan to use with my granddaughters.  I bought them from n Sistermaide on etsy.  Her service was very quick, especially considering that she made these up especially for me.  These are the medium size, and I included a regular size paper clip so you could judge the size.  After I finish posting, I am going to try one out.  The reason I have this many is so that I can fix up a little kit to share this fiber experience with my granddaughters.

I have also begun deadline project number 3. 


Please notice that I have blotted out the name.  That is on purpose.  If you’ve knitted it, you may recognize the charts.  Unlike the other project knitting, this one starts with 545 stitches and gets smaller.  I had been reading comments on the pattern and felt rather sympathetic when one knitter said that the cast on and first row took her 2 hours.  Ha!  I spent almost 3.  Part of the trouble is that this was suggested as a backward loop cast on, and that kind of cast on is always painfully slow for me to knit off the first time.  I also took the time to add markers between every repeat.  I will only need those for the first 13 or so rows, so that should help.  I am also getting faster at adding the beads.  This is probably the last picture you will see until the project is completed and gifted.

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