Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Weather, scheduling, a series of illnesses, and other general obstacles have kept me from getting together will all three granddaughters at the same time to make Christmas ornaments this year.  Today was the day!  I have one picture, my oldest granddaughter winding the yarn to make the wool on her sheep, which she named Sunshine in honor of the yellow yarn.  I tried to get pictures of the two 4 year olds, but they were moving at warp speed, so the pics turned into a blurry mess.


The sheep bodies are bamboo, and I ordered them on etsy from Girl on the Rocks after seeing them on Franklin Habit’s blog last Christmas.  (Check out the fridge in the background.)

Just to be fair, the two little cousins, all ready for the Christmas Kinderkonzert  performed by the Amarillo Symphony Orchestra:

11-30-2011 018

Christmas Day will have to be extraordinary to be better than today.  I missed the older one and her little cousin and found that the big one had tucked M in for her nap and was reading her bedtime stories. 


Deb said...

What beautiful grandchildren!

Deborah said...

You have beautiful little granddaughters. I know you had a great time with them.