Friday, December 16, 2011

Knitting Report for Friday

Wallaby progress—Finished body up to point where the sleeves attach.  Attached sleeves.  Ready to start the yoke tomorrow.

Lace project—Knitting was finished two or three weeks ago, but I didn’t have the courage to block it.  For one thing, my sore knee hurt enough if I stood still that I didn’t want to have to stand there while shoving in pins; for another, I was afraid that I would see a glaring error when I got it all stretched out.  This afternoon, I got brave!

Obligatory squished up lace photo--


Pinned out--


I am already a little disappointed in that while my shawl is blocking out nicely to the appropriate size, it is not as airy and light looking as the original.  Of course, I have no good reason to feel that way, since the original was knitted from cobweb weight and mine is knitted from Zephyr laceweight, which fine as it is, is comparatively a much heavier yarn than cobweb. 

Tomorrow I must sort and wrap some gifts and put the brisket—packer cut—into the refrigerator to thaw so that I can begin marinating it for Christmas dinner. The Wallaby also needs a yoke.

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Deb said...

Your shawl looks lovely, and I really like the color. I've used that yarn before and I have found it quite lightweight and flowy.