Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Long, Rambling Knitter Story

I need to do a quick knit of a Wonderful Wallaby to replace one that I knit last year for one of my granddaughters.  It seems to have disappeared in some family moving.  I found out a few weeks ago, but I needed to finish some Christmas projects, and since my preferred yarn for Wallabies is Plymouth Encore, I waited on a Webs order.  Then, when the yarn came, I couldn’t find my Wallaby pattern, so I ordered another, which didn’t come in until today.  I will be all ready to cast on tomorrow.  Meanwhile, on the theory that one should never be without knitting, particularly when one is trying to rest a knee, I knitted a hat and then I started on a project that I’ve been wanting to do since I saw it on the Mason-Dixon blog earlier in the year—the Mitered Cross Blanket.

A few months ago, I ordered some Plymouth Boku to do an afghan that I saw in a knitting magazine that used mitered squares.  I was about half through, and it was indeed very pretty, but then I realized that I should have noticed the size given in the instructions.  It was going to be much too small for my needs.  I considered ordering more yarn, but given the price of the Boku and the fact that I would need to order about 100% more, I hesitated.  Not to mention potential dyelot problems.  I kept eyeing the Mitered Cross pattern.  The original is of Noro Silk Garden, and the blended colors in the vivid crosses and in the “solid” background are what makes much of the attractiveness of the afghan.  There are not all that many yarns out there with long, beautifully blended color runs.  I looked and looked at other people’s work on Ravelry.  I finally decided that I’m going to unravel my mitered square blanket and use another yarn for the background.  Instead of a neutral with color runs, I am using a neutral tweed.  I think this will work well since the Boku is also rather tweedy.  I am using Paton’s Classic Wool Tweed in Aran for the background.  Even though it’s 100% wool and the Boku has some silk content, I think it is going to work out fine.  I have knitted one square.  Here it is, unblocked:

square 1

I will not be working on this steadily; I’ll be knitting squares while taking breaks or between other projects, so I’ll try to post progress and pictures as I make the squares.

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