Thursday, December 01, 2011

Tink, Tink, Tink

On the plus side:

  • Christmas shopping is mostly done.  I’m down to the bought-everything-I-really-need-unless-I-come-across-an-absolutely-perfect-tiny-something point.
  • Tomorrow will be our wedding anniversary—34 years.
  • I got 2 yarny packages today.  One is Paton’s Classic Tweed from JoAnns that will let me use some Plymouth Boku that I have on hand to make a Mitered Crosses Blanket.  I am not liking the pattern that I purchased the Boku for, so I’m changing.  The other is from KnitPicks—a new set of metal needle tips, size 8 (mine are showing some wear, and I sometimes have two projects that need this size at the same time); my first—no kidding—set of DPN sock needles—Harmony, 1 1/2s—I’ve always Magic Looped, but I’m going to try the dark side; and enough Swish in some different colors for the Hats for Sailors project for the next go-round, due Memorial Day.

Note:  Much of my knitting is self-or Internet- taught.  Years ago, I read about knitting with DPNs.  It was a hat.  I bought some.  There were 4 very heavy, very slick, very sharp size 7s about 8 inches long.  The instructions were scanty.  They just said something like “cast on x stitches, dividing evenly among needles.  Join ends and knit in the round.”  Of course, I spread the stitches over all 4 needles and then struggled to scoot them to the appropriate ends without getting stabbed by a needle that was sticking out or by one of the very heavy and slick missiles sliding out of the stitches and impaling my foot.  Therefore, I never seriously considered DPNs for sock knitting until now.  We’ll see if I’ve lost my nerve when I finish my current project.

On the minus side:

  • Knitting project is trying to beat me.  I quit putting in lifelines after the lace part.  Now I’ve found an unfixable mistake 10 rows down the double decrease in the center back, and I’m afraid to try to frog laceweight, so I’m painstakingly tinking back to the place for repair, unbeading as I go.  I’m reminding myself that it will be worth it and that one of the beauties of knitting is that unlike most things in life it can always be fixed or at least you can have a do-over.  I’m watching a miniseries on the British monarchy, and I just tinked from mid-reign of Elizabeth I to the beginning of the Civil War, and I am still not through.
  • None of the Christmas shopping is wrapped, not a single gift. 
  • I have all sorts of cleaning and decluttering to do.  Still need to get out the Christmas Cat.

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Deb said...

Happy Anniversary! There don't seem to be too many of us who are still together after 34 years. (We're at 34.5 years!)