Friday, January 27, 2012

Almost There

In spite of the fact that I took a day off yesterday, I am almost to the point that I can ready my sewing machine cabinet for transport because I have a place to put it indoors.  Hence, I can probably look at the end of next week as THE day.  I will still not have everything in the room exactly as I want it, but I am also finding out that this is going to be a work in progress, that as I use it I may have different ideas.  I have already made one or two changes.  The site of the machine is going to be a little bit cramped.  I considered putting it somewhere else, but, when I get some other changes made later down the road, I would have to move it.  This way, I will already have it in place and can already be mounting some bulletin board space above it.  That just seems wiser.  I will still have junque—the kind that needs to be given away, as opposed to junk that can just be tossed—to get rid of from the closet and sewing fabrics to organize, but I can do that as I bring them in a little bit at a time from the other room.  The closet items can be bagged and toted out of town to a charity shop when I’m making a trip anyway.  This also means that I will have a place to move the spinning wheel out of the living room when I’m not using it and the rigid heddle out of the kitchen.  It will also be a relatively light and cheery place to work.  The whole idea is making me feel contented and peaceful.

I promised a picture of the Button-Tab Hat from the Hats for Sailors project:

Button-tab hat.

After washing and blocking on a wig head.

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