Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Houston—and everyone else—I have a problem

Admittedly, I did not check gauge for these socks.  That is because I was using the same size needle—checked it twice—the same number of stitches, and a yarn that I have used at least 3 times before—checked my notes.  However there is something vastly wrong.  These came out much bigger than I expected.  (Not, of course, the ribbing, which is perhaps the nicest 1 x 1 I’ve ever knitted.  I was using Annie Modesitt’s combination method.)  I even did my wet blocking in hot water to try to shrink something, but I think they stretched instead.


Just to be clear, the socks are actually the same size at least.  It’s the photo angle that makes them look different.  The good news is that I think they will fit my husband, even though I used twelve fewer stitches than I usually knit for him.  However, I don’t think there is any way that the ribbing will be big enough, and he also prefers a shorter leg.  These are cuff down socks.  Is there any way to frog back the beginning and knit up some different ribbing to salvage the job?

And, just to be sure that I’m not crazy, I picked up another sock that I had already started—same number of stitches, same size needles—and it seems to be working fine.  I’m wondering if there happened to be a difference in the yarn because the fabric feels obviously different than the other pairs I’ve knitted from this.  I suppose I should have gone down a needle size. 

Any “fix it” suggestions are welcome.

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