Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Looking Better

Today was bitterly cold.  I’m not sure about the exact temperature, but very strong cold winds blew until sunset.  It was nice to be inside.

If there’s anything I don’t need, it’s usually more cooking equipment.  Someone online today described herself as having three grandmothers worth of sewing equipment—me, too—and my cooking stuff is even more in depth.  I use cast iron skillets, which seem to be gaining in popularity among the young.  None of mine, however, are new to me.  In fact, with the exception of a tiny little one that is not good for very much, all of them are older than I am.  Three of them came from my mother, and the biggest one came from my father’s camping equipment.  Similar situations exist in other cooking areas.  Today, however, I bought a new item:


In trying to eat healthier—that cast iron is not exclusively used for frying—I have been looking for ways to use olive oil more and ways to roast veggies.  I have been using commercial cooking sprays, but I hate the way they smell when sprayed, and I worry about inhaling them.  This is a pump up oil sprayer.  I’m going to put EVOO in it and try it.  Since I have plans for the rest of the week, it will be after the weekend before I get things going, but I have high hopes.

After yesterday’s sock disaster, I jumped right back on the horse.  In cleaning out my projects basket, I found a barely-started pair of socks—same number of stitches and same size needles as the other pair, but the yarn is different.  This is some Patons Kroy that I picked up in the closeout bin at Michaels.  I think it was $1.24 per ball.


The leg appears to be the right size.  I experimented a little bit with the heel.  Someone on a knitting site mentioned using the heel stitch on the bottom of the heel as well as on the heel flap for extra strength and cushioning.  I am trying it.  I am now past the gussets and part way down the foot.  I hope there’s enough yarn to finish.  If not, I have plenty of pieces of one of the solid colors to knit a toe!  I know that Kroy is not the snazziest, snobbiest sock yarn, but it makes very cushy, very durable socks.

Today I also finished getting all 8 totes of yarn stash organized and into the bedroom/studio closet.  Now I need to clean out another area of the closet to store fabric.  It’s a VERY big closet, in case you were wondering.

EDIT:  I worked on the new sock last night while watching The Help.  I am pleased to say that I thought the movie was excellent.  I had been a little bit hesitant to watch because I really, really liked the book’s presentation as an audio book.  Of course, it is difficult to compare two different genres, but I did find the movie true to the spirit and concept of the book itself, and that is something that does not always happen.  Like any book-to-movie adaptation, there was just less of it.  I also found the movie to be less suspenseful because some things had to be left out, such as the suspense over whether or not the book would actually be published.  It could be, though, that suspense was lessened because I had already listened to the book.  I also thought that the movie’s mean and bitchy characters did not have time to be quite as mean and bitchy as in the book and that there were fewer stories from the maids about white people that had been really kind to them.  Some of the little details about the extent of Jim Crow customs which made the book so fascinating—and horrifying-- were also left out.  If you really liked the movie, you might also like to listen to the audio book, which is read as a dramatic performance with more than one reader.


Deborah said...

My favorite pair of socks is made of Patons Kroy. They are so cushiony and comfy, I wear them all the time.

I listened to about the first third of The Help and I just didn't like the main character. I will watch the movie in hopes that it will be better. I am probably the only person who didn't like the book.

Have a good day!

Sandra said...

I have great luck knitting with and wearing Kroy sock yarn. I'd like to find a bargain price the way you did!

I am almost always disappointed by fiction-into-film adaptations, but the movie version of The Help was pretty good.