Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nothing Much to Write About, but I’m Writing Anyway

For the last 24 hours, things have been fairly uninteresting, but I can at least use bullets:

  • Yesterday, I slept late because I did not actually go to sleep until 5 a.m.  That usually means a non-productive day. 
  • We did go out for a pizza lunch.  That’s a once every two to three month occasion for us.  It also involves a 35-mile drive, so it’s a bigger deal than it seems.  They’re having a survey about the waiters, so we suffered from extra attentiveness--really extra,  as in, “You’ll be glad to know they’re cutting your pizza now.”  However, she was very nice, and the pizza was excellent.
  • When I got home, I read on my Kindle for awhile and fell asleep.
  • Last night, my hubby went to bed early, and I turned off the television and finished my book.  No knitting, no work on the craft room project.
  • It rained last night.  The amount of precipitation was probably not measurable, but it at least slowed down evaporation, I hope.

Plans for today:

  • Check off at least two more items on the list for the craft room.
  • Make meat loaf.  (I’ve been having miserable failures with this lately, but now that I did all the organization of Mother’s old recipes, I’m going to try one of the four or five that she had.  I think I remember which one was her favorite.)
  • Prepare a couple of good vegetable dishes to go with the meatloaf.


  • I haven’t been keeping up with the outdoor sports/camping scene in awhile.  We passed a sign yesterday advertising “Yeti Coolers.”  The immediate mental image I got was that of a storage box used by the expedition that finally found an abominable snowman in order to keep him comfortable while bringing him to civilization.  Remember all the problems transporting King Kong?
  • I have one credit per month—my big book purchase extravagance.  Sometimes I have to hunt for awhile to find a suitable book to spend my precious credit on.  This month I had already decided in advance on the new Nevada Barr novel.  Now audible is having download problems, not that I want to listen at the moment, but having to deal with a computer glitch is an irritation.
  • Still haven’t found the sock.
  • The closest fairly large newspaper to us has been crusading about public salaries of all kinds for the past few months, even to the point of writing articles about one of those icky teacher/student affairs and including the amount of the teacher’s salary in such a way that it implied a relationship between the two issues.  I find misusing logic that way irritating, so I’ve been in the mood to look for mistakes.  I’m usually not that mean-spirited, at least in part because pointing out other’s mistakes is the fastest way to make one myself.  However, here’s a sentence from a news article yesterday:  On Jan. 18, a white minivan pulled into the Amarillo High School parking lot, near a 15-year-old girl when he exposed himself, police said.  I do not mean to imply that I found that sad situation amusing, but I really wanted the writer’s or the copy editor’s salary affixed to that sentence. 

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Deb said...

Love the sentence! Wish it were appropriate to use in the classroom! And you are so right about the negativity towards public employees. I just wish that certain folks would actually spend a day, or even just a morning in a typical classroom to see what the typical teacher actually does. I bet the copy editor can hit the bathroom when s/he needs to, or can drink a cup of tea or coffee while working! (Can you guess that our contract is up for a vote in 6 weeks?)