Saturday, January 21, 2012

Remarkably Little Knitting

I’ve been taking something of a knitting break this week.  For one thing, I spent some time earlier in the week weaving on the beginning practice piece.  I’ve also been working on a planned move to set up a sewing/knitting/weaving room in the spare bedroom.  I’ve been cleaning out, and I’ve made some progress getting that done.  I anticipate making more progress this weekend.

Furthermore, I still haven’t found that sock!

In addition, I’ve spent time reading 2 books on my Kindle2, and I’m halfway through another.  I’ve rather neglected reading-reading in favor of audiobook-reading while knitting lately, but I’ve hit some books that I can’t get in the audio version, so I’m enjoying the Kindle versions, courtesy of a public library link.

What else of note has been going on?

Well, I just changed my computer desktop to this picture, which I appropriated from my daughter’s Facebook Timeline:

the three

I like the picture because it is so reflective of their personalities: enjoying the caramel apple; plunging headlong into the sensory experience; and analyzing the recipe. (No, there are no twins; there are cousins.)

They all began ballet lessons this week—one also took last semester.  The two younger ones were particularly proud of their buns:

1-12-2012 012

The little ones are also proud to be “Buttercups”—I think because they like saying the word, which simply must be accompanied by giggles.  The oldest girl, alas, is a Daisy, which is not quite so much fun to say, but I understand she got off to a very good start as well. 

The “analyzer” from above also had a birthday this week.

I did get to spend time with one granddaughter because she was sick and her dad couldn’t take off work, so Meemaw got to babysit.  While she was napping, I got in a little snooze for myself and quite a bit of knitting on a square of my mitered square blanket.  (After years of knitting almost entirely on circulars, I’m using straights on this project, and I keep forgetting and turning loose of the needle at the end of the row.  My granddaughter found it quite amusing that the needles kept clattering to the tiles.)

Today I’ve been home, reading, piddling around, and cooking lunch.  We had tilapia again, cooked in the microwave using the recipe I found earlier.  I fixed oven-roasted potatoes which did not get quite done enough and cooked cabbage.  I sliced 1/2 head of cabbage, put a small amount of canola oil in the bottom of a cast-iron skillet (just enough so that the bottom of the skillet was shiny), dropped in the cabbage and stirred until it wilted a little bit.  Then I stirred a little more and sprayed on a little EVOO from my new sprayer, added 3/4 c. water, covered with a tight-fitting lid, and lowered the temperature to low and let it simmer and steam for about 15 minutes.  I find that the cabbage gets done without getting slimy and limp.  I prefer eating mine with some Jack Daniels Mustard.  Emphasis on mustard in that last sentence.

I’m off now to do some more reading, drink a Coke Zero, clean the kitchen, and plan Sunday dinner, and perhaps sneak in a little more craft room work—and, of course, look for that darn sock!

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Noreen said...

Loved your assessment of your grand-daughters' personalities based on their approach to their caramel apples.