Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a Shame!

I did not get to move my book donations out and to the library’s book shoppe on Monday as I had planned.  It seems that the glass door to the shoppe is boarded up because someone broke it.  The little charity business will not be open again until it is fixed.  I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if it will be available next week.  I could just drop them at the library itself, but then someone else has to tote them to the sale site, and I hate to dump extra work on someone else.

Since I couldn’t get books out of my developing craft room area, I put some in.  I moved my knitting and spinning books to one of the vacated shelves.  They are such a variety of sizes, and more importantly, thicknesses.  I think I am going to put a magazine holder on the shelf—I have some left from my former career—to hold the very thin or very small ones so that they don’t slide back between the bigger books and hide themselves.

There is a big closet in the room to hold my yarn totes.  I did sort out my living room project basket, which tends to collect the unused leftovers from projects.  Now it just contains “to be knitted” items, and the extras have been sorted into the appropriate stash totes.  I don’t know about you, but a sizeable part of my stash is yarn left from one project or another.  Since I don’t have a LYS, I always buy a little extra because that is usually cheaper than ordering another skein in a matching dye lot and paying the shipping charge.  I try to use the extras for smaller projects, but it’s sometimes hard to keep up.

I set up a drying rack for woolies in the tub of the extra bathroom where it is convenient.  I usually use that sink for soaking them, and the tub is seldom used, so it seems like a good idea for the winter.

I also found my Ziploc of sock yarn leftovers—make that one of my Ziplocs of sock yarn leftovers.  That was important because I needed to darn two pairs of socks.  I have very limited success in darning socks that have worn through, but I had two different, perfectly good socks—one almost brand new—that had snagged on something and been cut.  I found the matching leftovers and mended them.  The darns don’t feel as smooth as I would like, but they are not very visible, and since they are both up on the leg of the sock, they’ll not be uncomfortable.  Now DH and I are each back in business with one more pair each. 

I know this sounds like a really dull day, but it is such a relief to be making some progress on getting all this stuff sorted that the day was actually quite pleasant, particularly since we had a good lunch that I had put in the crock pot the night before.  There will be enough leftovers for Tuesday so that I can get even more done in the room—toting totes perhaps.

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Sandra said...

It is a sickening shame that someone got satisfaction from breaking the door of a charity book shop. A former English teacher like you, I am constantly donating to our Friends of the Library book sales. We have to be careful not to accidentally buy back something we donated! Hopefully your shop will be back up and running ASAP.