Thursday, January 12, 2012

When did this happen?

I’m packing today for a trip tomorrow that includes an overnight stay—alone much of the time, except for a small black dog.  Of course, I must pack travel knitting, and right now I’m planning on taking a bag with a partially completed mitered cross blanket square.  I’ll save the sock for in-the-car knitting.  This time I’m driving. 

However, I am also packing audio books into my little MP3 player.  I have an hour- and-fifteen-minute drive each way.  I can’t listen to audio books while driving in town because I don’t multitask that well, but I find that listening in the very light traffic on the highway helps keep me alert and my eyes on the road.  I can play my little player through my car’s sound system, or in a pinch I have some ear thingies that are not sound-cancelling.  Most of my audio book listening comes from my annual subscription to The Free Library of Philadelphia.  I buy one credit per month.  In addition, I get books from my local library’s consortium, which I would prefer to use all the time, but their selection is very small and the number of titles that you are allowed is two.  The third source is LibriVox.  The quality there varies, but I have some favorite readers that I like to use for classics.  The FLP has excellent service when it comes to having a hold list and notifying the client when the books are available.  However, it sometimes happens that the books on hold become available at the same time, which is what has happened to me in the last 24 hours.  Therefore, I am making a trip which will last approximately 36 hours, including sleeping time and several hours with a grandchild and son and time for a haircut.  In addition to the knitting, I am armed with 3 new audio books, adding up to 23 hours, 17 minutes, 15 seconds of listening time and a Kindle book that also came through the FLP.  This and my knitting make me feel secure, but intellectually I think this could be a problem.  At the same time, I am thinking that if the little player is full, I could load more into my IPhone.  I don’t use the IPhone for audio books because it’s too heavy to haul around the house with me, but in the car. . . .

Sigh!  I should also admit that there is a paperback in my suitcase just in case all technology fails.

In case you’re wondering—audio books: Explosive Eighteen; The Chardonnay Charade; Killing Lincoln   

Kindle—The first C.J. Box mystery—forgot the title.  Open Season, maybe.


Carrie said...

We *do* have libraries up here in the Big City. Even some bookstores! :-)

Panhandle Jane said...

Yes, and the bookstore used to be the first place on my list when I got to town. Now I'm arriving loaded.

Deb said...

I liked Open Season and just read the 2nd one in the series, Savage Run. Enjoy your listening!