Thursday, January 05, 2012

You Know You’re Retired When. . .

your husband is called for jury duty at the county seat and you grab your knitting, your Kindle, some items to deliver for charity, and a grocery list, and go along for the entertainment value!

We left here before daylight, drove over to Clovis, NM, delivered the charity items to the drop-off bin, and had breakfast at Cook’s Truck Stop Café.  Then we drove back across the state line to the courthouse, amused ourselves watching a woman park a very large Cadillac very carefully—four times, no less, with a walk around between each time—and waited until time for him to report.  I waited until the crowd had reported upstairs and then seated myself in the waiting area for a court that was not in session and cast on for the second of a pair of socks and knitted a bit of ribbing while listening to A Face at the Window on my MP3 player:


I had a nice conversation in the ladies room with a former coworker as well.  Although my husband did have to serve, the proceedings lasted only 1 hour and 28 minutes, so we were out in plenty of time to pop back over to Clovis for a trip to the office supply for pens, to a grocery for some monthly restocking, and then to the Cotton Patch for lunch.  We were home and comfortable by 1:30.  Not bad for a morning’s work!  He has to report again in March; I am trembling with anticipation.

This trip was also the first outing for the Botanical Cowl.  I really liked wearing it. 

Note to those who like British TV:  The first season of Downton Abbey was great knitter watching as far as I was concerned.  The second season starts on our locally available PBS on Sunday evening.  I’m setting the DVR just to be sure.

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