Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Almost-Free Socks


That which was lost is found—and finished.  These socks are almost-identical twins.  The yarn was about 5 yards off at the beginning of each ball, but since Kroy doesn’t give much extra to play with, I couldn’t go down an entire repeat.  The toe is the only place that is really noticeable, and on this particular pair my kitchener stitch is so nice that a slight difference in toe color doesn’t matter. Winking smile I love the color of these socks, but I don’t think I have anything to wear them with.  I’ll have to work on the old wardrobe.  The color is Burnished Sierra Stripes; yarn, Paton’s Kroy, 2 skeins purchased at Michael’s in Amarillo, out of the sale bin for $1.27 each.  They are knitted on size 1 1/2 circs, using Magic Loop.  Pattern is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Sock Recipe.  I did continue the heel stitch all the way down through the heel turn.  I don’t have a particular problem with wearing out my socks in that spot, but other family members do, so I’m experimenting. 

Next up is another hat for the cancer project and then the second of the DPN socks, another hat, and a second sock that has been waiting for nearly a year.  I’m listening to audio books as fast as I can.  The election fighting is getting to me, and the television choices have been bleak during the Superbowl/American Idol season.  Thank heavens for Downton Abbey!


Sandra said...

Great looking socks! I have several pairs knit with Kroy and really like them. The band says to use size 3 needles, but I use 2's. What brand of needle are you using that comes in size 1 1/2?

Panhandle Jane said...

I always write 1 1/2 to clarify, but I'm actually using Knit Picks. They have two different size 1s (2.25 and 2.5mm) and 2s (2.75 and 3.00mm). These sizes are even reflected on their needle gauges. I'm using the 2.5mm. I have knit Kroy on 2s--can't remember which 2--and the results were quite satisfactory. If I do that, however, I have to consciously remember different stitch numbers and heel numbers and gusset numbers, and I'm mathematically lazy. My one set of DPNs is the Harmony wooden set in the larger size 1. I know I read the reference to 1 1/2 somewhere, but it would probably be more accurate if I just used the metric sizes for clarity. So, I am actually using a 2.5mm size 1.