Thursday, February 02, 2012



One of the DPN socks is finished.  I am generally very pleased.  I had a couple of places—the gussets and the toe decreases—where I had to do a little thinking and planning to make things come out right, but otherwise, I found the process very easy.  By the time I finished the sock, I had pretty much stopped dropping that extra needle every time I needed to switch needles.  I cannot really say that the process is much easier or faster than Magic Loop, but I do find it less fiddly than the rearranging using two circs. 

Tonight I will cast on and try to knit most of the ribbing for another hat, but first I’m off to work a little while in the craft room.  I didn’t get anything done in there yesterday although I got a lot of business paperwork done and two completely full trash bags of clutter cleaned from my office area, so that’s a plus.

Added thought:  I have mentioned a few charity projects on this blog.  In reading my prayer scriptures last night, I came across the scripture about not doing good to be seen of men.  I certainly hope that no one thinks that is what I am doing when I mention some of these projects.  The truth is that my efforts are fairly feeble—I may send one or two hats or one or two scarves to a particular project, and I think that is worthwhile because if everyone does that, then a need will be answered.  At the same time, I am aware of those who have organized knitting groups to knit for Special Olympics or who knit and send 15 Hats for Sailors, etc.  And when it comes to the projects through Craft Hope, many of them use crafts I don’t do.  I do try to mention these opportunities to make others aware that there is a need for a particular skill.  That is exactly how I found out about the project in the first place—from someone else’s mention in a group or on a blog or message board.  So please understand that I am not trying to appear “holier than thou;”  rather, I am just trying to spread the word about opportunities to use our skills.

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Sandra said...

I am always happy to read about charity groups I could donate to. I wouldn't describe your donations as "feeble." You are so right when you say if everyone sent a hat or scarf or two, that would have a tremendous impact. I admire those who can send along dozens at a time, but I simply don't knit that fast.