Monday, February 27, 2012

A Quiet Sunday—Quieter than Anticipated

Our Sunday began well, with tuning in to watch all of our grandchildren on television at the early church service in Amarillo.  We can usually only get a glimpse of the girls because the camera crew makes a good effort to include all the children, not just ours, but it’s still a thrill.  (We DVR in case we have to back it up, or in case we want an instant replay.)  The order of service had changed a little bit on Sunday, so I had to rush to get out the door for church myself and ended up squeezing into a pew in something other than my accustomed area.

I had PLANS for Sunday afternoon.  I had stayed up late on Saturday night to knit a sock past the gusset point—still had a lace instep—so that I would have relatively mindless knitting in hand for the Daytona 500.  I even had a choice of leftovers or already-prepared BBQ ribs for lunch so that I would not have to cook.  Well, for the first time ever, the race was rained out to the point of being postponed till Monday.  We could certainly have used that rain locally.  Nevertheless, I finished the socks by knitting to the accompaniment of three television episodes on the Roku box and a PBS production.  However, it just wasn’t the same!

My final bit of knitting was during the PBS airing of The Old Curiosity Shop.  It was a more-than-adequate production, giving a good feel of the backstreets and poverty of early Victorian England and a strong hint at the richness of Dickens’ characters, but after several weeks of watching in-depth characterization unfold in Downton Abbey, I felt a little cheated by the short production.  The decline of Little Nell from robust health to death was so fast that it lacked feeling.  I know that Lavinia died quickly in DA, but I think that was a realistic depiction of the course of the Spanish flu.  Perhaps, Nell’s demise was realistic as well.

Today, I soak and block the socks.  A picture will be up soon.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed PBS Sunday night too. I went to the beach for Sunset since the weather was soo nice on the west coast of central Florida. But a quiet Sunday indeed here too.