Saturday, February 25, 2012

Removing the U from UFO

I started these socks in February of 2011, quit after the first sock to work on another project, and misplaced the bag.  I found it again last week.  I wear hand-knit socks year round, but I do try to wear thinner ones or lace ones in warmer weather, so I decided to finish these before starting another project.


I just finished the gusset on the second sock, so I’m hoping to finish this weekend.  I’m not sure what’s on television tomorrow night instead of Downton Abbey.  I think it’s something by Dickens, but I can always knit while watching the Daytona 500!  Tonight I’ve spent some quiet hours knitting while listening to the audio of John Grisham’s The Brethren.  Such an appropriate choice for primary election season!

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Deb said...

Love the color of the socks. I will really miss Downton Abbey, but I am going totally mindless brain candy tonight. I am looking forward to watching the Oscars. I confess to loving the spectacle even if I haven't seen many of the movies. (I'm secretly thrilled that my younger son works in Hollywood as a talent agent, although none of his clients are nominated. His agency handles a lot of child/youth actors as well as the actors just starting out. ALthough if you are familiar at all with the TV show Glee, 2 of his clients are on that show!)