Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Knitted!

I had another quiet and lazy day—reading, watching television, and napping.  I’m still mostly eating soup and yogurt, which certainly cuts down on the cooking. 

This afternoon, however, I did manage a little bit of knitting, and it was rather persnickety knitting, too.  I always find it hard to knit one of those hats which has an interesting textured pattern that I memorize.  Then I get to the decreases and face row after row of written instructions, each row different, and impossible to “read” in the fabric as you knit because you can’t tell how they are supposed to go.  I had made an aborted attempt earlier in the week, frogged back to the beginning of the decreases, and put the hat away.  This afternoon I finished it, with the aid of moving sticky notes and lots of counting.

I’m off to bed now!

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