Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Knit Free

In addition to the allergy and the sewer, I spent the rest of the weekend with an abscessed tooth.  Went to the dentist yesterday, got antibiotics and pain meds, and an appointment with the oral surgeon for Thursday.

No knitting is taking place!  I attempted working on a hat for Hats for Sailors, a very simple pattern of knits and purls, and it was a total mess.  That was before the pain meds.  After I got home yesterday, I spent the afternoon in the recliner, occasionally staring numbly at my Kindle or listening to an audio book, but mostly in a doze with the feeling that my nose kept growing and shrinking.  Thanks to the meds, though, I did get a good night’s sleep.  This morning, the antibiotics are beginning to work and I’ve been able to get by with Ibuprophen and another nap.  I am also up to sending this post and lining up future projects on Ravelry.

I did get to use an iPad last night for the first time.  Our final sewer work was finished, and the company is doing its billing as well as its quoting and estimates immediately on computer.  Then they asked me to write a note of evaluation for their Facebook site.  My evaluation of the iPad typing experience is that it is like big texting.  The keyboard would not substitute for me to do the kind of typing that I am doing here.  That is my satisfaction judgment.  It would, of course, type, but for someone who learned to type on a manual typewriter the feel of the experience is not the same.  Having to switch to the alternate keyboard for the numbers and punctuation is a killer for speed.  The device itself would be great for certain purposes.  I do not think that I would like it as an ereader because it would be too uncomfortable to hold in a book reading position for an extended period of time.  It would be great fun and useful for other things, though, so if any of you out there want to donate one to me, have at it!


Deborah said...

Thanks for the comments about the Ipad. I don't think I could do without my big desktop computer. Hope you get well soon.

Noreen said...

Hope you feel better soon.
My Ipad became a LOT better in terms of typing when I found the new capacitative sylus, "Cosmonaut" manufactured by Studio Neat. (And I have no association with them.) At $25 it's pricey, but it's been working great for me!