Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lace and Plumbing

There’s been a slight delay in the lace knitting.  I slowed down to wait on the beads to arrive in the mail.  Although they were shipped very promptly, they are taking their time in arriving.  It appears that they used a day traveling from Plano to Coppell, which is about 25 miles.  I estimate from the rest of the tracking information that they should arrive tomorrow, so I finished Chart 2A tonight in order to be ready to start the border tomorrow.


Lace knitting tools that I’m finding most useful:

  • a clipboard to hold my charts, resting across the armrest and the edge of the table under my
  • Ott lite
  • My Knit Picks Harmony needles—sharp points and just the right amount of slip
  • a sticky note to move to keep my place on the chart
  • some small regular knitting markers, placed exactly where these excellent instructions say to place them
  • some of these knitting markers  (mine are from Knit Picks, but I know there are other brands as well).  photo(29)I use them for two different purposes—when counting at the end of chart repeats, I snap one on the cable at the end of each set of 50 stitches.  It is much easier for me to count accurately that way, and if I see a place where I have a mistake, usually an omitted YO, I mark it with one of these so that I can fix it on the next row. 


We have been squeaking by on limited sewer facilities all week.  The plumbers are going to begin tomorrow replacing the line to the alley and some of the lines under the house as well.  I will be so glad to have everything working again!

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