Friday, March 23, 2012

Partway Through

I looked hard online for a sort-of-happy emoticon image to start this post with, but I didn’t find one handy.

Yesterday was a remarkably good day.  I had had an abscessed tooth since the previous Saturday, and yesterday I got rid of it!  The long wait was due to the weekend and to not wanting to go off to another city and leave my house wide open with the sewer/plumbing crew here.  I am reasonably sure they were trustworthy, but since they were under, not in, an open house, I wanted someone to be here, and I needed my hubby to drive.  I was absolutely a nervous wreck before the time came, and now I’m a little bit angry about that.  This was not the first extraction I’ve had, and I’ve spent lots of time in the dental chair due to having extensive orthodontic work as a teenager.  I am not an afraid-of-the-dentist person.  However, my dentist said he was sending me to an oral surgeon for the extraction because “you never know how those roots are going to be curled around” AFTER he had made an x-ray.  And when the receptionist making the appointment asked me twice if I was sure I didn’t want “to be put to sleep” for the procedure, I began to worry.  Yesterday, the extraction was the most painless dentist visit for some actual work that I ever remember.  It was over in a snap. (How easy was it?  They are sending me a refund because it was less complicated.  When has that ever happened?)  I am feeling much, much better between the antibiotics and having the tooth out of there even though there is a little bit of pain and soreness.  I have plenty of yogurt and soup and things are looking up.  By this afternoon, perhaps I will be at the point where I will quit thinking about my mouth and my discomfort as the most important thing in the world and move on.  I’m tired of this nonsense!

The other good thing about yesterday was that I got to see my daughter and visit with her at the library and at her house.  She had the three granddaughters with her for their monthly mass book checkout.  It is so nice to see how excited they are about reading books!  Then they got ready to go to their co-op school day, and DH and I took off to lunch.  Our son was able to eat lunch with us--or with his dad; I just had liquids.  It was nice to visit with him for awhile.

Now I’m off to drink some semi-hot tea and watch an episode of Bones!

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