Friday, March 02, 2012

Prep Work

On Thursday, I again took some knitting when my husband went to the courthouse and sat and knitted just because I could.  Since I’m between major projects, I loaded up my little Dick and Jane project bag with some superwash wool and started another hat for the Hats for Sailors project.  I did meet another knitter, who stopped and asked me how I could knit on such small needles—I was using 8s.  She is knitting a scarf at home on big needles.  She also mentioned sock knitting because her daughter-in-law has asked for some handknit socks.  Since I know what office she is in, I plan to take socks on needles when we go back in May.  After DH finished, we drove to Clovis for lunch at the Cotton Patch and a grocery shopping trip, mainly for the fresh produce we can’t seem to get locally.

This afternoon, however, I did one of those yarny tasks that I usually procastinate about.  I am rather proud since some of this yarn just arrived day before yesterday.  I had already moved my swift into my soon to be knitting and sewing room, so I set up in there and went to work.  (I think my DH is even prouder than I am of my Mama Bear Swift because it means that he is not having to sit there and hold yarn while I wind.)  I did 12 skeins, 4 of which were lace weight with a lot of yardage.  The others were fingering.

Here is a picture of my winding setup using the blocking board which was already on the bed because I had been blocking a stealth project.  This actually worked much better than the way I had been doing it.


Then I wound and wound:


Socks-to-be from Claudia Handpainted that my daughter’s family gave me for Christmas.


Reynolds Top Seed Cotton for a woven scarf.  This is a cabled mercerized cotton that I bought from WEBS on sale when I ordered some other yarn.


Knit Picks Shadow Tonal in Blue Violet and Summer Bloom. 

I’m going to try to make a couple of lace shawls for myself for summer.  I picked the tonal because I like the look of hand dyed yarn, but I think most yarns with a strong color variation make it difficult to see the lace design.  However, a little bit of variety in the color also helps hide a mistake or two, and I’ll certainly need that!


Deborah said...

Those are beautiful yarns, and I can't wait to see your summer shawls.

Deb said...

I love the Mama Bear swift. It's one of my favorite presents to myself! Love the yarn colors you wound.