Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I’m not sure slow and steady actually wins the race, but I’m getting there!  In spite of being able to finish the hat decreases the other day, I am still not up to knitting lace—my concentration wanders.  I know because I tried.  That does not, however, stop me from making preparations.  I know that I blogged awhile back about having Grandma’s crochet needles—the ones she always warned me about.  Well, the beads for this shawl are smaller, and I didn’t have a tiny needle in my inherited ones that was not a somewhat tight fit.  Since I’ve been spending time on the Internet and not knitting and beading, I ordered a smaller needle.  A reviewer described using one of these to tuck single hairs back into her ethnic hairdo,  I hope it will work.  I’m sure Grandma will be relieved to know that it came with a safety cap!


We did drive out of town today for lunch and to buy a couple of items and run an errand to the courthouse.  It was nice to be out on a pretty, sunny, non-windy day.

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