Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catch-Up Wednesday

First, a knitting project from back when:


This is a second version of the Botanical Cowl.  Just like the first one, it uses a 152- stitch cast-on in order to make it more scarf-like.  The yarn is the Wollmeise that was used on my Lady of Bath Socks.  The cowl is slightly narrower than the pattern because I wanted to be sure I had adequate yarn for the edging.  This scarf is a gift for my daughter.  I’ve really enjoyed the one I made for myself, and I’ve had a number of compliments on it.  It’s amazing the difference something so simple can make to an outfit, and the nice thing is that it doesn’t require adjustment and pinning like a regular scarf. 

Last Friday, I snapped some pictures at the granddaughters’ play day activity at the park.  The camera is on my iPhone 4S, using the Camera + program.  I edited in Photoshop Elements.  The zoom feature on the camera was not quite adequate for the distance from which I was shooting:


duck, duck goose









Sack Races; Duck, Duck, Goose; Beanbag Toss

I am also back in knitting mode after a little break.  I got in an extended period of sock knitting yesterday.  For me, knitting is an amazingly calming activity;  I’ve been really jittery for a week or two—with cause—and I needed the meditative nature of feeling the yarn and following the pattern to restore calm.  Today’s to-do list is long, but I’m going to be sure to include a knitting break or two, as well as my evening television knit time.  Even if I am pausing frequently to Draw Something!

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Sandra said...

I always enjoy seeing your completed knitting projects. I'm wondering about your "extended knitting" sessions. My hands get tired and kind of crampy after about half an hour. I'd really like to be able to knit for longer stretches. Any suggestions?