Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monday Plans

Well, believe it or not, I’ve had a quite restful day in spite of the fact that I squeezed in my fill-in grocery buying trip for the week after this morning’s church service.  I tried a new recipe I learned from eating at my daughter’s house a week or two ago for lunch, and this afternoon I napped, web surfed, and watched a little television. 

Tomorrow, however, will be another matter.  I need to get some serious detrashing done in the future craft and sewing room, cook lunch, and do laundry.  I am also starting another sock.  Those lovely lace socks that I have been knitting—actually one sock—will be frogged.  I ordinarily knit socks for myself on 64 stitches on a size 1 1/2 needle (2.5 mm).  I’ve only had that formula fail me once before, and I think it was because the yarn was much thinner than I usually use.  In my experience, which is not vast, lace socks are usually looser than the plain jane version anyway.  Well, after I got past the gusset and after I joined the Ravelry group for knitting Knitty socks, I discovered that this pattern had  the reputation for being tight.  Since I was knitting Magic Loop, I tried on the sock.  Oh, my!  The cast on, which was 66 stitches instead of 64 was tight.  I think I figured out a way to fix that, but in truth, the leg and heel area of the sock were uncomfortable.  I followed the pattern exactly, but the heel, instead of being worked on half the stitches was worked on just 30.  The flap was shorter than I usually make.  Furthermore, the lace felt bulky and heavy rather than light and airy like I wanted for warmer weather socks.  Tomorrow I’m starting a second sock following the Sheri’s Lace pattern by Sockbug that I used a few months ago.  I am going to ignore her heel and knit the one that I know fits me, and go from there.  If I’m satisfied with the new sock, I’ll frog the other one and reknit it. 

This is what I did on Saturday:

4-27-2012 105

Two of those lovely dancers are my granddaughters.  The oldest girl also performed, absolutely beaming with excitement and satisfaction, but I don’t have a picture of her yet.  This was the annual recital program of the Dance Ministry of the church where they take ballet.  The program, which used scripture and modern Christian music, focused on the celebration of God’s world and its creation.  Dancers ranged from the 2-3s to advanced teenagers.  There were the usual cute performances by the little bitties and some impressive and moving performances by the older girls.  And, as you know, if you get to wear a swirly dress with sparkles and “FOUR. STRAPS. ON. ONE. SHOULDER., Grandma,” the whole day is extraordinary.

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Michele Pacey said...

I've never knit socks. One day perhaps... It sounds like you know what you're doing.

Sweet little dancers. I love seeing them do their thing when they're this little. Precious!