Tuesday, April 10, 2012



My second try for a functioning Nook Color arrived this afternoon.  It is charged, updated, downloaded, and seems to be working just fine.  (Yes, it is posing in my project basket.)

However, I do have something of a problem.  For several months, I’ve been flying through audio book downloads from the public libraries.  I listen while driving on the highway, while cooking, while not watching the tv program my DH is watching, while folding laundry, and, of course, while knitting.  In order to do this, I’ve kept the holds list on both library sites—a total of 12 holds—loaded.  Now that I’ve committed to more eyes-on reading, I promptly did the same thing.  Oops!  Ebooks don’t multitask quite as well.  Even though I am committed to reading in bed every night, it still doesn’t add up to the time I can spend listening.  Guess what?  I’m getting behind.  I am going to make a really concerted effort to catch up on the library ebooks that I’ve downloaded and to hold the rest of my downloads until the next couple of weeks.  During that time, I will be away from my computer, but I will have socks to be knitted and ereaders along with me, so as long as I don’t forget my charging cords, I’ll be able to do some catching up, I hope.

Tomorrow I have Bible Study at noon, but I will be doing some real work in the future craft room in the morning—with headphones so that I can finish the mystery I’m listening to!

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