Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Probably Pointless, Rather Random Post

I almost never share one of those Facebook posts that asks or tells you to pass a message on “if you _______.”  For one thing, I don’t want to post that many messages, and for another, I don’t like the implication that if I don’t post, I don’t love Jesus, or my daughter, or my country, etc.  They strike me as being something like chain letters.  If you like doing these, please don’t be offended because this is just my quirk.  I’m just saying that’s the way they make me feel personally.

This one is, however, driving me absolutely crazy!


Obviously, this item is meant to refer to past generations, and I can hear the voice of every grandmother, great-aunt, 1950s elementary teacher, and girdled, hatted, and gloved community woman’s club president of those earlier generations intoning, “Dear, children are NOT raised.  Animals and crops are raised.  Children are REARED!”  Yes, I know that language usage changes with time and region and that I sometimes use “raise” with this meaning myself (feeling guilty when I do it, just like I feel the spirit of my Home Ec teacher looking over my shoulder when I use a dry ingredient measuring cup for liquids), but that was the way it was in this corner of Texas in the middle years of the twentieth century.  (I think I just channeled a little bit from Our Town. Apologies.)  I’m also deliberately ignoring the errors in parallelism, and the fact that where I came from and living in my family, using the word “butt” would have been a sign that the child had not been reared properly. 

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Deborah said...

I agree that these things can be irritating. They remind me of the forwarded emails that I used to get all the time.

There is one thing that I miss from the 50's - the courtesy of men toward women. I saw a pregnant woman standing in a waiting room and there were many men seated. What a shame!