Thursday, April 05, 2012

What I Have/Have Not Been Doing

  • I haven’t been knitting.
  • I have moved my sewing machine into the new craft area that I’m working on.  This is a big achievement because it is in a big cabinet that I’m very fortunate to have except when it has to be moved.  I even sewed a little, doing alterations on a granddaughter’s Easter dress.
  • I have slept—a lot—the new allergy meds the doctor gave me last week take two weeks to become fully effective.  Therefore, I’ve been filling in with some over-the-counter stuff which makes me very relaxed.  This is one reason I haven’t been trying to knit lace.
  • I have managed to get the shelves back into my kitchen cabinets from the plumbing disruption.
  • I have been reading.  I go through numbers of books, mostly for entertainment reading and for reading good fiction, with an occasional foray into nonfiction that interests me.  In the last two or three years, however, I’ve become very dependent on audiobooks because I can multitask.  I found myself picking up a Kindle copy or a dead tree copy only when the audio was not available.  That’s fine for some reading and really good for some, but there are some works that need to be read eyes-on so that the reader can go back and reread and think and savor a phrase or a sentence.  I even found myself retiring at night with headphones on.  (Not only is that hard on the ears, but it wears out a lot of headphones as well.)  In my effort to break the habit, I started a few weeks ago deliberately taking some time each day to read on the page.  I love reading on my Kindle 2.  I like eink.  However, the K2 does not have wifi—it has AT&T 3G.  We live in a tiny AT&T dead spot.  If I download a book from Amazon, I have to go outside because of our metal roof and wait sometimes for a long time for a weak signal through Edge.  The other alternative is to plan for when I know we’re going out of town and take the K2 for a drive, sort of like trying to get a fussy baby to go to sleep.  Therefore, I decided to get another ereader that would be more convenient.  After thinking that a backlighted reader would be nice for reading in bed, I decided to look at the Nook Color.  Since I’m basically cheap, I took advantage of a deal last week and ordered a Certified Preowned Nook Color from the Barnes and Noble eBay store.  It was a really good price and for $20 I could get the Nook Simple Touch with it.  That would give me a small wifi eink reader to carry with me and a backlighted Color that would also display knitting patterns and do a few other things.  Well, the readers came in day before yesterday.  Alas, there is a problem with the Color.  When it goes to sleep, it doesn’t wake up again without being plugged into the wall and perhaps having to be rebooted and restored to factory settings and reregistered.  I spent time yesterday morning on the computer chat with tech support and finally last night on the phone with tech support.  They are sending me a new device and taking this one back.  One advantage that I will have with having the two Nooks registered to the same account is that I can continue reading with either device.  That will give me a tiny portable eink reader and a fancier, heavier one that I don’t necessarily want to tote around. 


The Simple Touch in its case, showing the detailed cover illustration of a book.


The case, with shadow.  IPearl MCover in Red.  I bought it from Amazon, on the recommendation of someone from the Ravelry Nifty Nook group.  The groove you see on the front has a fitted elastic cord which holds the cover closed in your purse and can be used to hold it folded back for reading. There is an inside pocket for small items.  I don’t like this as well as my Kindle case, but that company does not make a case for this model.  I did learn from my Kindle that having a black case is not as handy as a color when you are trying to locate it in your tote or purse.  I looked at the official cases at B & N, and frankly, I think they are overpriced for what I need. 

I realize I’ve written about this reader purchase in an irritatingly detailed fashion, but if someone else is considering a purchase, I wanted to be as helpful as possible.


Deborah said...

What is a dead tree copy?

Do you like the backlit screen? I am used to reading my Kindle without backlight, so I wonder which is easier on the eyes.

Deb said...

I appreciate your feedback. I have the K2 too also, with the same download problems. I use it almost exclusively for my bedtime reading with a great little book light that fits into my cover. So most of the rest of the reading is done with real books. I suspect however, that I will eventually go to an Ipad - -- but not for some time.