Monday, May 14, 2012

Rain, Puddles, Socks, and an FO!

In that order:

  • After months and months of drought, we had measurable precipitation on Friday, just under a tenth of an inch according to the farmers at church yesterday.  I know measuring that way may sound funny to those of you in other parts of the world, but we are quite used to measuring moisture in tenths, so that was good news.  Then it rained last night and right now we are sitting in a fairly large area of rain according to the radar.  This is not a downpour, which we don’t need because the ground is so bare in places that it would wash—this is the gentle, soaking-in kind of rain.  I have no idea how much we have had, but if you look at this really bad picture, taken through glass and a window screen, you can see MUD and PUDDLES on the sidewalk, and there are still dark skies with a gentle drizzle.  At one point, there were some puddles on the ground, but they soak in very quickly.  Thank you, God!


  • Socks—I did begin again on the socks I was knitting.  I am halfway through the gussets on the new sock, using the Sheri’s Lace pattern by Sockbug.  I’m pretty much relegating this project to television knitting at the moment, because. . .
  • the sewing bug has hit with a vengeance.  I was busily setting up a new sewing room for myself in a now mostly unused bedroom.  I got my machine table and new pressing/work center set up, and I just couldn’t stand not making something.  There are still boxes and things that need to be moved out and things that need to be moved in and a general mess, but I have a finished item, the Class Picnic Top from Oliver + S.  The fabric is some quilting cotton that I had on hand.  This is a size 6 for the youngest granddaughter.  The pocket is my own.  I found the pattern instructions to be very clear and the construction to be well-designed.  Two criticisms: First, the pattern layout is on the sheet with the pieces rather than the instruction sheet.  Since this is a multi-size pattern, and I need more than one size, I traced the pattern twice, and then was forced to unfold the whole thing again to find the layout.  Second, the instructions for the elastic on the tops of the shoulders say to use 5” of elastic and then draw it up to fit.  This is exactly what I would do if I were sewing for my own resident child; however, I’m a grandma sewing from a distance.  Suggested lengths for each size would have been helpful.  I posted the question on the Oliver + S forum and got quick help for this smaller size, but no help for the size 10 that I need to make. 


Now I’m off to do something about lunch and for an afternoon of sewing and perhaps hearing rain on the roof.

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