Sunday, July 22, 2012

Going Naked!

Sorry!  Nothing really exciting here except the failure of technology.  We’ve been using my mother’s old microwave because ours gave out and hers was here—having been used by her and both grandchildren and then returning to this house.  It was bigger than I needed, but it did the most perfect job of defrosting thoroughly without cooking the outside, so I really treasured it in spite of the fact it took up too much counter space.  It is my understanding that a built-in, or at least a microwave with a built-in spot, will come with the new house, so this one only had to last until Election Day.  Ha!  It died just a few minutes ago.  Actually, it is not dead, but it shoots off sparks like crazy all of a sudden.  I think it is about 15 years old, so I’m not surprised.  We could buy another one, but we can think of a number of uses for even that small amount of money.  I suppose I need to confirm that one is coming with the new place.  If not, we can go ahead and buy one, but if it is, we will wait and see if we can remember how to do without after 30+ years. 

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Deb said...

Microwaves have certainly had a huge impact on how I cook! I can't remember the last time I used a pot with water to heat frozen veggies, or the last time I heated up a can of soup in anything but the microwave. It saves dishes too as I can do both those tasks in the serving container or even individual bowls!