Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Looky What I Found !

I am in the process of cleaning out Mother’s hope chest, given to her by my father before their marriage, and passed on to me long ago.  Over the years, it had become a repository for precious mementos and assorted junk that didn’t seem to fit elsewhere.  I’m keeping the mementos and getting rid of junk so that I can use it to store quilts in the new house. 

While sorting, I found this:


It’s a sewing/knitting bag that I never remember seeing before.  There is one little snag in a cross stitch on the bottom left, but otherwise it seems to be in excellent condition.  The fabric is made of weave-it loomed squares of wool yarn.  I know that my mother owned a weave-it (I have it.), but I do not remember this bag or remember her mentioning it.  It is possible that it came from the estate of one of her sisters, but none of them were given to needlework.

Here is a close-up of the bag showing the sateen lining and the detail of the squares:


And, on the inside I found this:


Mother always used a thimble, but this one looks like a slightly smaller size than her usual one, and I know that she had never been to Galveston. 

‘Tis a mystery!


Deb said...

Maybe she participated in needlework swap? It's a pretty bag, that's for sure!

knitgiver said...

This mystery might be just what you need to keep on keepin' on through the treasures your mom left you! I wish you strength and a great new house come voting day.

Sahara said...

Hi! I came here through Ravely. Did either your mom or another family member get insurance from the Galvaston Insurance Company? Many insurance companies gave novelty items, particularly thimbles, to women as we were the prime customers of agents (men not thinking about the future in the same way).