Monday, August 20, 2012

A Semi-Productive Week

The most important and fun thing I did last week was driving up each day to stay with my youngest granddaughter while her dad went to work.  This was my last chance before she hits the wide world of kindergarten.  I think grandparents, who are not having to focus on the practicalities of clothes, shoes, and school supplies, really appreciate the fact that this is one of the big changes in a child’s life.  In spite of a broad variety of experiences as a toddler and preschooler, this is when life gets serious, and after this point, childhood goes all too swiftly.

The week was almost unbearably hot, much too hot for being out in the Texas sun jumping on a trampoline.  M is a very active little girl, so we compromised.  I didn’t particularly want to cook, so we went to lunch one day at McDonalds and one day at Chik-fil-a.  Both of those places have indoor playgrounds.  You know the kind where you give your children a few minutes to play after you finish eating?  Well, this grandma had nothing better to do than stay in where it was cool, so we stayed just as long as she wanted to stay in both places.  She even got to be a hero at the chicken place by helping a toddler who had climbed much too high find her way back down to her mama!  Then on another day, we went to the mall so that I could buy a washer and dryer for the new house.  There was a really good sale, and I could put them on layaway until I needed them.  While there, we visited a special indoor playground that has unique climbers and slides with a Palo Duro Canyon theme.  And cushy seating for the adults.  And hand sanitizer.  We followed it up with lunch at Panda Express.

This is a picture of the REAL Palo Duro Canyon.  This formation is adapted as the central feature in the playground.  This canyon is second only to the Grand Canyon in the United States.  The Comanches used to overwinter here, and legend says that this was the site of the first European Thanksgiving in America.  Coronado’s exploration party had travelled for an extended period time with little water or food, and then they came to the Canyon, with its stream and wildlife.  They celebrated with a feast of Thanksgiving for their survival.  If you visit here, there is an excellent musical production in the summer evenings in the bottom of the Canyon.  There are also camping facilities, but the summer months can be very hot down there in the daytime. 


Something else happened this week.  House progress!


Nope!  That’s not our house.  Our house is the wet spot.


And then after lunch, they packed down the area for the slab, alternating with more sprays of water.  I think the water actually contains a soil-stabilizing chemical.

I spent Saturday and Sunday in recovery from all the getting up very early in the morning, and today I am back to decluttering, packing, and a little computer repair.  Going through all this junk is definitely slow going.

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