Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Last night, there was RAIN over the region.  Unfortunately for some people, it came with high winds, thunder and lightning, and electrical outages.  I understand that in Amarillo, rains came so quickly that there was flooding in the underpasses along I-40, but there was the blessing of rainfall in drought.  Here, at least, I think we got 0.8 of an inch.  I know that doesn’t sound like much to people from some areas, but in “this part of Texas, we measure precipitation in hundredths, even in “wet” years.  We seldom get huge rainfall amounts. This year is our second successive year of drought, so we are grateful for every drop.  Locally, this may be a “million dollar rain” as far as the corn crop goes because the farmers won’t have to irrigate.  Of course, blessings are mixed, and those who are presently cutting their unripened corn crop for ensilage will have difficulty getting into the fields for a couple of days.  I only hope the fierce winds did not blow down standing crops.

I started to automatically send a text to my son to ask him to check to see if they were starting the concrete work on our house, but then I remembered that it is likely to be delayed a little because of this, and I find that I really don’t care even one bit.  We need rain too badly.

Note:  In cleaning out some of my mother’s quilts to pack for the move, I found some unexpected stashes of yarn.  Sorting those items into my stash is on my list for today.

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Pooch said...

Hello and thanks for commenting on my Tuesday Teaser from another retired teacher. How exciting to be building a new house! I too listen to ebooks and think they are great!!