Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Random Weirdness and a Question

Disclaimer:  Although this is primarily a knitting/craft blog, no knitting or crafting has taken place since my last post.  The rest of this post is devoted to miscellany.  Which reminds me that a week or so ago I loaded my granddaughter into the car to run some errands.  When she asked what we were going to do, I said something that included the word “miscellaneous.”  After several stops, we headed back to her house.  As we drove into the driveway, she protested that we had forgotten to see “Miss Elaine.”  I think that was one of her teachers at church.  Anyway, it provided an opportunity for a vocabulary lesson.

I have not been knitting because I’ve been too unsettled to knit.  I’m trying to decide what to keep and what to discard before the move.  Some of those decisions are easy—there’s an amazing amount of just junk and an equally amazing amount of stuff that I just don’t want.  It’s the items that have at least in the past had sentimental value that give me trouble, as well as the tendency to keep anything that has “some good left in it,” even if it’s some good that I will never need or want.  I’m going much more slowly than I anticipated because I’m finding it exhausting.

We’re still living without a microwave.  I’m finding it difficult.  I am so much in the habit of being able to defrost instantly—because of shopping inconvenience, almost all of our meats are frozen—and having to plan ahead is an unaccustomed chore.  In addition, when you are only feeding two, you have leftovers to heat up.  It’s so easy to put them on a plate and pop them into the microwave instead of getting out a bunch of little pans to heat them on the stove.  Much more work.  At least, however, the replacement dishwasher is in and working.

OK, my question, at least for those of you who are older.  In the new house, one of my goals is to have things that are easy to keep and require as little maintenance as possible.  I want more time to do things I enjoy doing.  So I am trying to devote thought to having things ready to fix right the first time as I move in. The laundry room will have room for a washer and dryer together on one side.  Above the washer is a wall cabinet that goes all the way to the ceiling.  It is the depth of a regular kitchen “upper.”  The side above the dryer will have a small cabinet at ceiling height with a hanging/drying rod underneath.  I need to figure out how to use this storage space efficiently.  I considered stacking the appliances and moving the set to the dryer side, but I know that the drying rack above the dryer works well for clothes that are hung to dry.  (My son’s house, built by the same builder, has this setup, so I have experience.)  However, my days of easily climbing on a stepladder are over, so I would like to maximize my use of the storage space in some way that is efficient.  I plan to have the backdoor “Landing Area” on top of the washer with some sort of container or cubby arrangement.  Because of the door swings and the entrance from the garage, that’s about the only place to have it.  In the cabinet above, I can easily reach everything on the lower shelf, so that will be for detergents, etc.  The second shelf and above, however, are out of my reach when I consider the fact that I have to stand in front of the washer.  What I need is some way to “containerize” items that go on those shelves so that I can handle them with a reacher/grabber of some sort.  Considering that the cabinet depth is only about 11”, the best I’ve been able to come up with are these:




These are the baskets to the Closetmaid Cubeicals.  The one on the left is fabric.  The drawback would be that it would be so flexible that it might dump contents when grabbed with the reacher.  The one of the right is obviously wire.  It would be a little harder to grab and would obviously leak small objects, but it would be sturdy.

My question is:  What would you do to make these storage spaces useful and accessible?  Surely some of you must have some sort of solution that I’m not thinking of. 


Deb said...

Could you line the wire basket with some fabric to prevent "leakage?" Or cut some cardboard to size and hot glue it to the sides? You could pretty up the cardboard with contact paper.

Carrie said...

Ms. Elaine is our preschool director and was her 3yo choir teacher.

The fabric bins are what is in my schoolroom. The sides are rigid. The bottom part is solid fabric with a rigid piece that folds down for stability/strength. So you can get a bit of "flex" at the corners, but that's about it. The wire ones are nice, but things are going to fall through the holes or they will be a lot of work to line.

Deborah said...

I don't know what kind of washer/dryer you have. Mine have a drawer underneath that I keep detergent, bleach, clothes pins, etc. in. The drawer also raises the dryer to a comfortable height.