Friday, August 03, 2012


This is an almost totally random post because my life is pretty much random right now.

  • Knitting, personal—Some progress on the Mitered Cross Blanket, my constantly-in-the-car-just-in-case project.
  • Knitting, granddaughter—She has gotten the hang of the knit stitch, mostly.  She still has the attention span of a 5-year-old, so two rows (5 stitches each) is about all she can stand at a sitting.  We did do some hot pad weaving, however.  She has probably inherited a multi-fiber-project gene.  Alas.
  • House—in the past two weeks, I’ve selected brick, window shape, carpet, tile, interior paint, and outdoor trim color.  Oh, and a front door and kitchen cabinet stain color.  I’ve also approved electrical and coax cable placements and bath customization plans. Oh, and decided on blind type and found a source.  That wasn’t much actual work, but it involved a lot of thought and research.  Thanks to both of my grown children and all three granddaughters for helping with various parts of the project.  And, of course, to my Dear Husband, who is graciously putting up with all the craziness while planning his own parts of the project.  He is, however, colorblind, and that makes discussion of all those picky details his idea of a day in hell.
  • Moving—alternating between decluttering and either trashing or delivering to charities and packing into boxes.  We will be using a moving service that rewards having as much as possible packed into boxes for ease of moving.  I know because I discussed the subject with the mover.  This is a relatively short move.
  • Planning and finding sources for what needs to be done to the present home to put it on the market as quickly as possible after we move.
  • Olympics—I have enjoyed watching some of the events and been sorry to miss others.  Part of the charm of the Olympics for me is seeing things that I don’t ordinarily get to see, and some of the quirkier sports seem to be missing from the coverage.
  • Olympic uniforms—The ceremonial uniforms were not as bad as I thought they would be from the modeled pics.  I’ve appreciated the change in the Beach Volleyball uniforms; however, the Beach Volleyball dancers were horrible!  I realize that’s not a Team USA problem.  The Women’s Gymnastics leotards are gorgeous, in both color and style.  And, I must admit that I really like the sweats they are wearing this year.  All too often sweats have that bottom ribbing that rides up in the rear.  The bottom styling of the longer top and the shaped hemline is very flattering on the women athletes.  On the guys, it looks nice, too, but looks like sweats.
  • Olympic Opening Ceremony—an absolute joy for someone who is an retired teacher of British Lit.  One question—that was the real Queen with James Bond, but were those the real royal Corgis or stand-ins?  And, I know why it wouldn’t have worked for today’s audience, but I really felt the need for Sean Connery.
  • Photo—House progress as of the time I left Amarillo yesterday afternoon:



  • Political correctness in election “silly season”—Granddaughter and I were singing songs while driving around town.  She is VERY fond of “B-I-N-G-O.”  I decided on “Ten Little Indians” because it is good practice in counting backwards and I was really tired of counting jumping monkeys.  The thought did cross my mind that I should probably say “Native American,” but that phrase does not fit into the song.  Then I noticed that she is not saying “Indian” anyway; she is saying “alien.”  She is sure—and very firm in her opinion--that she is repeating exactly what I am singing.  Since we live where we do—relatively close to the border with Mexico, but where the shortest route to that country goes through Roswell—I’ve decided that we are not politically incorrect—we are singing about creatures from another world. 

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Deb said...

Love your granddaughter's interpretation! Actually she's probably heard alien a lot more than Indian!

It looks like we will be building a house too! So many decisions. . ..