Friday, September 21, 2012

Discovered Treasures

In my sorting and packing, I’m exploring a few boxes of items my mother saved.  It’s been a trip through family and local history, with decisions about what needs to be discarded and what I want to keep.  I have, however, come across some interesting things.

Isn’t this lovely? 


My parents married on November 28, 1931, in the middle of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression.  This is the Christmas card they sent that year.  This particular one had gone to Mother’s brother, who died in 1941.  She must have gotten it back from his things.  The postage stamp was 2 cents.  The card is printed on heavy card stock.  The very “30s” style envelope is actually lined with beautifully colored tissue paper.  This is definitely going into my “to keep” box.

A second interesting item was the hospital bill from my 1957 tonsillectomy—3 days in hospital, operating room, anesthetic—$57.00.  Sort of boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

One of my granddaughters has been particularly fascinated with losing her teeth and with what happens to them.  Well, I just found ALL of my own baby teeth in a box.  I am not including a picture!

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