Saturday, September 01, 2012

Progress of a Sort

After a week of being thoroughly miserable with allergies—the downside of finally getting some rain; EVERYTHING is either pollinating in a last-ditch survival effort before fall or molding a little—to the point where I kept falling asleep all the time, I am at last back into packing boxes.  I am waaaay behind my self-imposed schedule.  This morning, however, lunch is already in the Crockpot (Pinto beans, with a fast batch of cornbread to bake at serving time), and I plan to spend the rest of the morning packing some more boxes.  I would have started sooner, but I paused for The Pioneer Woman.

I didn’t drive up to look at the house this week, but my son snapped some construction pictures.  I know you will be excited to see dirt, but here’s one anyway:


That’s a bathroom and a bathroom, I think.

For my breaks today, I’m going to be experimenting with diluting some Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap into some empty foaming hand soap dispensers.  I’m starting with a ratio of 2 T. to 8 oz. of water because that was recommended to me.  We’ll see how that goes.  This is my little salute to green and organic.

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Sandra said...

We moved 900 miles and are also building a new house. It is an exciting but exhausting process. I have wanted to comment sooner but have found the "not a robot"codes impossible to decipher. I suspect other readers have the same trouble.