Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weather Report

I have no new construction photos to post today.  That is because it has been raining!  This is a really big deal because we have been having such a drought for a couple of years.  The recent three days of occasional storm at the house location have brought the total for this year up to a little under 11 inches.  I think the average is something like 16.  Unfortunately, the house was not yet weathered in, so I am not sure how much this will delay construction to let things dry out, but it is worth it.

Our son drove down yesterday and helped immensely with clearing and packing and taking things to the trash.  He also took a whole car load of boxes of the really delicate things that you don’t want a mover to handle back with him to store at his house.  Tomorrow to take a combined car load of things to go to the charity thrift shop and items that we were storing for my daughter. 

The first item on today’s agenda is to put boxes together.  Onward!

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