Friday, October 26, 2012

Random Friday, barely

This week began with a very graphic reminder that life is precious and to be treasured.  Thanks be to God for watching over us all.

The house is winding up faster than we are getting ready to move.  By Monday, they are going to be installing the appliances; the tile is completed, I think; the painting is completed, I think.  It’s not that I wasn’t up there this week, but on the day I was there, they had poured the concrete sidewalk in front, the driveway, and the back patio.  Unless I wanted to climb in a window, I could not have gotten in.  I’m relying on communication with the builder right now.

Today, I made absolutely no packing progress.  I did, however, do a little house-related shopping, and we broke down and bought groceries.  We have been “using up,” but we were out of likely combinations, so we bought a bare minimum of items.

I also went to the courthouse about 25 miles away to vote absentee since I have absolutely no idea what I’ll actually be doing on Nov. 6.  That was my first absentee vote ever.  I must say, it was a nice experience.  We are in such an sparsely populated area that we still mark paper ballots.  Our local election judge complains if you don’t stick the ballot in the box the right way.  The County Clerk didn’t care.

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Deb said...

We still use paper ballots also. There's something satisfying about marking your preference. I think I've only one voted with a machine, maybe in 1976?? My first vote in 1972 was via absentee ballot because I was in college at the time.