Sunday, October 14, 2012

Your Opinion Needed

I’m tired of packing boxes right now, so here’s a decorating question for you.

I have a small collection of blue and white Staffordshire historical plates.  They are all of historical events, places, or persons.  Most of them are roughly the size of dinner plates, although that definition varies somewhat.  In addition I have a few of the Bing and Grondahl Mother’s Day and Christmas plates from the 1970s that are 6” and 8” in the same blue color ways.  I also have a small commode table.  I want to create a display in the entryway of the new house.  I’ve always tended toward more formal arrangements of the plates before, and I found this photo on Pinterest:

plates 2

The ceiling is not this high, so any arrangement I would have would be similar to the bottom section of the arrangement.  My setting and table are also nothing like this formal.

On the other hand, I’ve been seeing arrangements that are more informal.  Some of them even have overlapping plates, but I think that would be difficult to pull off because of the shapes of some of my plates.  I did, however, find this photo:

plates 1

What do you think?  Do I dare do something like this?  Would it still be effective in all blue and white tones?  The floor will be a natural looking slate type tile, and I’m planning to use an oriental type rug that I already have.  Please give me some ideas; pictures are welcome.


Deborah said...

I think either arrangement would be nice. You can also add in some round pictures, doilies, framed quilt blocks, etc.

Deb said...

Both arrangements are lovely. I tend towards the less formal arrangement but that's because I'm not a formal type person.