Saturday, November 03, 2012

A Miscellaneous Day

Well, the day that I had intended to devote entirely to packing boxes took an unexpected turn.  I did pack some items, and I’m going to load a couple of them into the car in a few minutes.  These fall into the category of items that I want to take by the house immediately after closing.  One box is because I will need the items there on Friday.  Another item is my Traveller spinning wheel.  I took the flier off, boxed it, and bagged the wheel and then decided that I did not trust putting it on the moving truck.  I know I could hunt for a week or two and find a box, but it is just as easy to tuck it personally into the closet of my studio in the new house.  That way I know it’s safe.

In addition to that, I’ve been hunting for reasonably priced bar stools that I think I can live with.  The “live with” refers less to décor than to the idea that I don’t usually like sitting on bar stools.  Thanks to my daughter’s kitchen dream redesign archives, I think I’ve found some for a very reasonable price.  I may decide to attack them later with some spray paint, but they will do for the time being.  This was a budget problem because I didn’t plan for them because I didn’t know the kitchen was going to have a bar.  It’s nice that the half wall in the kitchen turned into a little breakfast/coffee bar for us, but I hadn’t expected it, so there was no furniture budget for stools.  I also spent a few minutes attempting to configure an alarm system for the new place.  I was intending to wait a week or so, but there is a sale on that ends on Monday night, so I just sent what I think we want to our son for his approval.  He’s been doing research.

What a pleasure to be doing this instead of what all those people in the greater New York City/New Jersey area are doing!  And, speaking of that, how is Rhode Island?  We keep hearing reports describing damage in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and Rhode Island is never mentioned.  Surely, the storm couldn’t have skipped them. 

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Deb said...

I haven't heard anything about RI either, and it's only an hour and 3/4s away!