Sunday, November 04, 2012


I’m still 15 books short of my Goodreads goal of reading 125 books this year.  Let me be specific—I am counting audio books that I listen to while knitting or playing computer games or cleaning or driving on the highway or, more recently, packing boxes.  I do not count books that I am rereading that are already on my Goodreads list from a former year.  I also do not count books that are “false starts,” and I do have a few of those.  I have noticed in the last year as ereaders become more common, that more library resources seem to be devoted to buying ebook versions rather than audio.  That’s just fine—I have ereaders, but there are a few specific authors that I like to listen to because the narrators who do the reading are absolutely superb.  Also, if I want entertainment to accompany one of the aforementioned activities, I need an audio version.  Right now, I have an audio book on my player for working, but I have also downloaded the newest Alafair Burke to my Nook Simple Touch, so I’m going to read for awhile with a glass of iced tea, and then I’m going to watch Upstairs, Downstairs.
Favorite audio readers on commercial audio books—Dick Hill, Will Patton, Rene Auberjonois, and Joshilyn Jackson (reading her own novels).  There are a few others, but the names escape me right now. 

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