Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Plate_thumb[4]
This plate, made a few years ago by my oldest granddaughter, always makes me smile.  It is not on display this Thanksgiving because it is already packed to move, but the picture is a good reminder of family when we can’t be together for the holiday.
Since it’s just the two of us for dinner this year and since almost all of the pots and pans are packed, I settled for chicken and dressing prepared in the crockpot.  I think I made way too much, but the big crockpot was the only one not already boxed and stacked.  I had to do the mixing in the crockpot as well because there were no big mixing bowls left either. 
We are going to have a quiet and thankful day.  Then we are going to observe “No Shopping Friday.”  (One of the things that I missed most when we left Amarillo to move back here in 1984 was that I lost the ability to sneak in little shopping trips when the stores were almost empty.  After we move, I can do that again!) 

Note:  The water damage to the new house was minimal.  My son's gallant efforts were just in the nick of time.  The repairs will be minor.  The builder's supervisor checked all the possible structural damage and gave it his ok.  In addition to taking more donations to the charity thrift shop yesterday, I moved another breakable that I won't trust to the movers--Matilda, my Ashford Traveller, is sitting in the craft room.  Admittedly, she is attired in black plastic and the way the points of the mother-of-all stick up makes her look like a giant snail in disguise, but she is nevertheless present.  Her flyer is boxed at her side.  Fiber equipment OFFICIALLY makes it craft space, right?

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Deb said...

Glad to hear that the damage was slight! What a relief. Enjoy your day.