Friday, November 23, 2012

Quiet Friday

Today was a quiet day around here.  We ate leftovers from yesterday’s casserole.  I did a little more moving prep.  Cyber shopping worked out well.  I had a couple of items for the new home in my cart on Amazon awaiting the pay period that just arrived.  Imagine my surprise when they both showed up on cyber discounts today!  I saved just over $120 with free shipping and 2 day delivery.  Yea!
This afternoon I took a nap.  I had the post-menopausal not sleepies last night until very late.  Then our telephone rang about 4 this morning.  Hubby was already up, but he was on the front porch.  By the time I got there after the 4th ring, there was no one on the line.  When you have two children, even grown ones, and you know that one was out doing some Black Friday things at 2 a.m. and the other one had a child throwing up the last you heard, you do not overlook strange telephone calls.  The caller ID on our old phone—replacement purchased today—does not work reliably if the call is not answered.  I never did find out where it came from, but I did investigate.  Those of you with babies, or toddlers, or teenagers, take note—the idea of a right to a full night’s sleep goes out the window with parenthood.  It jumps back up to bite you when you least expect it!

And, my son and his girlfriend called to say they had moved the twin bed into the craft room.  I'm going to dress it in antique quilts as a daybed/granddaughter sleeping space.  Now Matilda has company.

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