Thursday, November 15, 2012


My son did a drive by on the new house after work yesterday.  He saw water running from the garage.  It seems the new washer—the one that replaced the dented one—had a hot water line that had not been properly tightened.  It was spraying water over the top of the machine.  Fortunately, the carpet was not affected in the other part of the house.  However, the walls in the utility were sprayed and water had run not only out the door but under the plate on the concrete slab on the two sides of the laundry room that form garage walls.  In addition, it had run under the adjoining wall of the dining room, covering the tile, and into the kitchen, accumulating in the “no tile” space under the dishwasher, soaking the bottom of the drywall at the back of the dishwasher space.  It also affected the outside wall of the dining area somewhat and may have run into the space under the pantry cabinet.  After he dried the main part of the floor, he said that water still kept oozing out from the walls onto the tile.  I know that the base plate is treated lumber, but I’m worried about baseboards and the drywall.

What really has me in a spin, though, is the treatment I’m receiving from Sears.  I called them immediately.  I got a very gracious run around that says they have 72 hours to deal with this.  In 72 hours, more damage will have been done.  They did offer to send someone out to reconnect the washer immediately.  Like THAT is going to happen.  I intend to insist that their insurance take care of this, and I do have homeowner’s, of course, but I’ve been unable to reach my agent.

I am not there; I am here because Sears insists that they must call me on my home phone, not my cell.  They seem unable to deal with putting another number into their computer.  That said, when I know how I feel at the moment, I can always remember all of you out there who still have unresolved issues with Hurricane Sandy or the kind of unresolved issues that can’t be fixed by human hands and a little lumber.  God be with you all!


Soonerbeknitting said...

I'm sorry you're having so much trouble.

We're looking forward to you coming to the group though when the house is all done.

Panhandle Jane said...

I should also add that I do have some perspective on the seriousness of this. It's something that is fixable. I spent last night periodically checking a Facebook feed to see how a heart transplant was going. The patient was the son of a friend of my daughter's and the grandson of a friend of mine--only 2 1/2. That kind of thing is the real deal.

However, I am frustrated by the 48-72 hour period before they will talk to me and with that being at their discretion. All too often I find that "we'll call you back" means "we are getting rid of you and hope you will forget about it." The glass door is going to be no problem at all; the replacement glass is on its way.

Deb said...

I sometimes don't understand the attitude of some customer service departments. I do understand that not all problems can be fixed immediately, but the attitude should be one of attentiveness, showing empathy with a situation, and reassurance that all will be made right. You're also right to know that these kinds of problems aren't life and death issues, and are small potatoes in comparison to the much larger problems others face. It's still frustrating and annoying.